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Positive posters, positive thinking!

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This week at work during lunch time, I was talking with my colleague and he introduced me to a website called “Positive Posters“. I didn’t know this website at all. He showed me some posters that he created. Really cool! This website has some impressive posters. It’s very inspiring to see that Australian young designers can offer a such a great quality of work. Some designs are so clever!

Via this website, designers can create posters defending causes of their choice. It’s a smart idea to link charity or environmental causes to design.

I invite you to check out the website and if you are a designer, why not take part in the next design competition? The brief has been announced on the website and the competition opens on 1st of August 2012 and closes on 30th of September 2012. It is your chance to show the world what you are capable of and what you care about! So get involved and good luck!

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  1. Thanks for listing this here. It is a fantastic site.

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