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I’ve posted this DIY once, but it was in Portuguese. Many people asked me to post the English translation, so here it go! Happy DIY!


19 x 2-litre PET soda bottles; 1 broomstick; scissors; retractable knife; hole puncher; wire; hammer and nail


1st – Remove the label from the bottles;

2nd – Remove the bottom of the bottles using the knife;

3rd – Cut parallel lines (0,5cm) up to the top edge;

4th – Remove the neck of the bottles with the scissors;

5th – Make 17 bottles without the neck and one with it;

6th – Fit the 17 bottles one by one through the neck of the bottle with the neck;

7th – Cut the top part of another bottle and fit it on the top of the broom you just made;

8th – Make two holes and pass the wire through all the bottles;

9th – Fasten the ends of the wire on one side;

10th – Tie the base of the broom to the broomstick using two nails and your broom is ready!

DIY Broom

Broom made with PET bottles

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)

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