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Environmental jobs in Australia

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I visited the last Career Expo that was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and I discovered a very interesting recruitment company that specialises in recruitment for careers related to the environment. This Australian company recruits for positions such as environmental engineers, sustainability officers, environmental advisers, waste management officers and many other similar jobs.

They also have large a list of volunteering jobs such as replanting trees at Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road or working at the sustainable living festival.

I have heard of recruitment agencies that are specialised in other areas such a construction, health professionals & finance but this is the first time I have come across a recruitment company specialized in environmental careers.

If you are in Australia and you are looking for a job in a field related to the environment check out the Environmental Jobs website

Companies like this deserve some support and I think it’s good if we share their website among our contacts. If you have any friends or family looking for job or willing to undertake a volunteering work supporting an eco-friendly cause, tell them about this website.


One Comment

  1. I wish I still lived in Australia. So many local and larger environmental projects to work with.

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