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criancas pintadas
criancas pintadas

Great recycling idea to do with your kids!

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Collect all the old coloured crayons chop them off and bake them in a mould with a funny shape. The picture below shows a little Valentines Day gift/card, but you can make it for many other occasions.

For example, you can give them as a giveaway in the next birthday party of your child. Kids will love it! New coloured crayons with a funny shape! Touch down!

Recyling colour pencil

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One Comment

  1. When I first saw the crayon shots at the top of your post, it reminded me of the wax paper and melted crayon art I used to do with my kids when they were very small. This is such a sweet idea, love it, and we do have many a crayon stub still lying around.

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