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New environmentally friendly packaging made from bamboo and mushrooms


Dell is among companies that are investing in environmentally friendly solutions. The Dell sustainability team has come up with an innovation for packaging material. It is a compostable material made from bamboo and mushroom. The team has worked in collaboration with Chinese suppliers and recyclers.

It was important for the Dell not using bamboo forests that are natural habitats for pandas in China. For this reason the firm worked in collaboration with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) to make sure that the bamboo forests from which they were sourcing the raw material were not panda habitats. FSC is a global, non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide.

John Pflueger, the Principal Environmental Strategist from Dell was interviewed by Nina Kruschwitz, editor and special projects manager for the magazine “MIT Sloan Management Review”. In the interview, John talks about their sustainable packaging materials.

Image courtesy of Dell, Inc.

He explains how sustainability is structured at Dell, but also how the company has changed in their strategy and how Dell is transforming sustainability into new business opportunities.

I am always happy to see those good examples. In my view, we don’t need to become totally hippies to embrace the living green idea. We can integrate it in our everyday life and companies can perfectly integrate it in their business strategy and still making profit.

The full interview is available on the MIT Sloan Management Review website.

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