Sustainable Life


October 4, 2012
by Ana

Brazil is taking sustainability a step further

Coca-Cola Brazil is starting work on the construction of the largest BioMeg producing factory in the world.¬† The material is the main ingredient of recyclable PlantBottle production. Part of the composition of the PlantBottle has plant origin. (Read more about … Continue reading

garrafa agua

September 2, 2012
by Ana

More crushable bottles!

Mount Franklin in Australia also has adopted the new crushable bottle made with the PlantBottle technology. Check out their current TV advertisement. [youtube] Check also the launch campaign of Dasani PlantBottle in Canada. [youtube]

garrafa pet Mount Franklin

August 31, 2012
by Ana

Crush the bottle!

Many brands are investing in sustainable packaging. This year Crystal the water brand from Coca Cola Brazil has launched their new bottle made with 20% less volume PET plastic. Chemicals and Petroleum products are usually used to produce PET. The … Continue reading